We believe that Facebook Ads have the power to revolutionize the way your business operates.

DVA-PRO has set out to managing solutions to help minimize your daily stresses at work— allowing you the chance to maximize your productivity and utilize your energy to the things that matter most.

We’ve witnessed first hand how technology and design work together to improve revenue.

Facebook is one of them, see here why.

So why do Facebook Ads work so well?


Well, it all comes down to this; Facebook has the best ad targeting system then any other site.

This enhanced targeting allows you reach for exactly the audience you are aiming for.
For example, if you sell hospital supplies, you can obviously reach hospitals, but also nursing homes, private clinics, doctors and laboratories. 
You can also target those who’ve visited a landing page on your website, or using Facebook pixels, search for new customers who are similar to your old ones based your existing mailing list.
Best of all you can reach for people who actually "liked" or showed interest in you competitors.

Here are some of the ways you can target your ads on Facebook:

  • Custom audiences – allows you to target customers from leads or website visits

  • Location – allows you to target by location (city, state, country)

  • Gender & Age– allows you to target by gender (male or female) or age groups

  • Interests – allows you to target by interest (such as fitness, entrepreneurship, fashion, literature)

  • Behaviors - allows you to target people by their current jobs or occupation.

  • Connections – allows you to target those who have already liked your page, or who have connections that do

Facebooks' sponsored posts appear directly in the Facebook newsfeed. Users see the ads as they are scrolling, as prominently as posts from close friends and groups.
There are many more exiting features, that will help you advertize and stand out.

So don't be left behind and join the revolution today!

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