With extensive experience in online work combined with a considerable business management experience, acquired while working in different offices in Europe as well as in Israel, you have arrived at the right person to assist with your business.

Fluent in several languages like Dutch, French, English and Hebrew, whether in speaking, reading or writing, is truly a must in today's cyber-world.

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Organized and efficient!

Being a busy manager of a textile importing business I found
DVA-PRO to be a real help, especially when it came to attending fairs abroad DVA-PRO arranged for booking tickets and finding the best accommodation deals and then arranging meetings with potential suppliers. When I returned DVA-PRO took care of the follow up and arranged for samples to be sent. On a whole with DVA-PRO I was able to concentrate on my business while they took care of the technicalities.

Organized and Efficient

A. H.

Harotex, UK